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Meet our L.i.L. Support Crew

Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally sponsored Gregory Polaris Indian Motorcycles of Little Rock

has been blessed with some of the BEST husbands, brothers & friends who step up every year to help our event take place. You will see these guys watching the doors, working parking lots, assisting with setup, and most importantly helping us on parade line-up day.

These men are all proud supporters of Ladies in Leather, and I hope you recognize what a big deal that actually is. It's one thing to say "I support my wife," but it's an amazing statement to say "I support ALL of you." These men give their time and efforts to help us enjoy a weekend that is centered around US. Their participation eases our workload and it sure is nice to have such a wonderful crew of helping hands on the team. Some of these guys have been with us for YEARS and we look forward to seeing their smiling faces every September. Our male volunteers will be clearly marked in bright safety vests and they are there to help! Feel free to harass them a lil, they like the attention and are all very good sports.

When you arrive at the line-up on Saturday morning you will see a combination of L.i.L. volunteers and our amazing support crew of Hubby Helpers. Be on the lookout for Chris Glenn the guy in the purple bandana. Once you've been checked for registration, stickered and numbered, it's his job to get us into a sensible formation. He will politely, although sternly-with-a-smile-on-his-face, direct you to your place in line. Trust and believe that he has a plan in place that includes the SAFEST and most efficient way to pack as many bikes as we can onto GULPHA ST and still be able to move the parade out in an organized manner. Thank you,

for making the trip to Arkansas with us.

Our L.i.L. Support Crew/Hubby Helpers is a great way to get your significant other involved (and out of your hair) for the weekend. These guys have formed friendships and bonds with each other because of the time they have spent together at L.i.L. , just like their female counterparts did. There's a place for everyone here at Ladies in Leather...even your ol' man

The L.i.L. Support Crew will meet on Thursday night, Sept. 8th in the Grand Lobby during our Early Bird Registration. Look for the ringleaders @Christopher Baker, @Steve Cline, & Jay Holifield, then and send them to your husband!


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