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Riding is in their blood.

Ladies in Leather

Parade and Rally

is proud to have Law Tigers on OUR side, once again!

Law Tigers sponsored us in Texas and now we have their support in Arkansas.

Huge Thank you to the attorneys at



We love this...


If you haven't met Madison yet, no worries, we're sure you will meet him in Hot Springs! Madison is a fun friendly guy who just might tap you on the shoulder and introduce himself. One things for sure, he is defiantly committed to protecting our safety as riders.


Last year we had 38 states represented in our parade. If you are riding through one or more states, save this list to your travel notes.

· Do you have to wear a helmet in Arkansas?

Everyone under 21 is required to wear a helmet in Arkansas. Those over 21 are not required by law to wear a helmet.

Do you have to wear eyewear protection in Arkansas?

Yes, eyewear protection is required in Arkansas. This can include protective glasses, goggles, or transparent face shields.

· Are there noise restrictions laws in Arkansas?

There are no motorcycle noise restrictions laws in Arkansas.

· Are there restrictions on the age of the passenger in Arkansas?

Yes, you are not allowed to carry passengers under age 8 in Arkansas.

· Are you allowed to wear headphones while riding in Arkansas?

Yes, you are allowed to wear headphones while riding a motorcycle in Arkansas.


Is the daytime use of headlights required by law in Arkansas?

Yes, the use of headlights, even in the daytime is required by Arkansas state law.

· Is lane splitting allowed in Arkansas?

Arkansas law does not mention or specifically prohibit lane splitting.

· Are there any requirements for carrying passengers in Arkansas?

Yes, Arkansas requires there to be a seat for the driver and for the passenger on the bike.

· Are there restrictions on who can carry passengers in Arkansas?

Yes, you must be 16 or older to carry passengers on a motorcycle in Arkansas.

· Are there limits on how many passengers you can carry in Arkansas?

Yes, only two people are allowed to ride on one motorcycle in Arkansas.

· Is the use of turn signals required in Arkansas?

In Arkansas, turn signals are not required but are still considered a riding best practice.

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