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What You Don't Know...

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

As most of you know, I spent all of last week in Hot Springs buttoning up the final plans for the Ladies in Leather Parade & Rally 2022 presented by Gregory Polaris Indian of Little Rock. What you DON'T know was that on Friday I had to make some really tough decisions that changed some major aspects of our Rally.

There's a reason I wait till the last damn minute to release rally information to you ladies, and here's why. My least favorite thing in the world is to make a big announcement and then have to turn around and take it back. It's unprofessional and it's NOT my style. You know what else is not my style? Second best. If something isn't up to the caliber of a Ladies in Leather event, we're gonna shift gears and move in a different direction. It's called "rolling with the punches," and I'm here to tell you we have become PROS at it. You sisters deserve the best, and we refuse to present anything short of that.

I have learned that when one doors slams in my face, the one that opens up behind is always much better.

Our parade lineup will be from 8am-12pm on GULPHA St, which is directly behind the Hotel Hot Springs, the Convention Center, and the Embassy Hotel. You can come get numbered, get your bike parked in line, and head back into the A/C! You will have time for breakfast and the rally floor will open at 10am. Our safety briefing will be on the inside stage right before we move outside for the parade. It's the same setup we had in Texarkana, which worked out nicely.

Our Friday night pool party has been moved from the Arlington Hotel. I am crushed. I had a vision that I REALLY thought we could execute, but too many obstacles were put in our way. I won't go into details, but trust me when I say it's for the best that we move on. Luckily, the Embassy Suites swooped in to save the day. On Friday night from 8pm-12am they will host our LiL Embassy Bash! They are opening up their HUGE atrium and bar & adjacent pool and patio for all LiL sisters that want to attend. We will have drinks, food, music...and of course a lil late-night entertainment. There's PLENTY of room for a lil party and the

Embassy is going out of their way to accommodate us. For those of you that booked at Arlington strictly for "pool party" reasons, have no fear...this next paragraph is for you!

At the time of this post, there are a few rooms available at the The Hotel Hot Springs due to cancellations and management is honoring the LiL rate. The Embassy Suites has also opened up another block of 10 rooms, also at the LiL rate. I'm hoping that if we can fill those up, we can convince them to give us more.

While in town I visited a few perfectly acceptable MOTELS. I'm typically a motel gal when I travel on the bike because I like to open the door and see my baby. Here's the three I visited...

Kings Inn (501) 623-8824 (pool was out of service) $85 + tax/double occupancy or $74 + tax for a single

Sands Central Inn (501) 624-1258 $59/night double occupancy! This motel had a nice clean outdoor pool in the parking lot.

All Seasons Lodge (501) 624-7131 $74 Sun-Fri, $91 for Saturday. This one has a nice pool and was really clean. It's kinda tucked back so you might miss it if you didn't know it was there. They have 60 rooms and NO reservations for our weekend. This was my top pick of the three. There's also a go cart place & TRex Fun Spot next door with an indoor ropes course, zip lines & laser tag...if you're feeling sporty.

All of these motels are on Central Avenue and the farthest one is 1.3 miles away from the Convention Center. These are nice affordable lodging options. There's also a Red Roof Inn and a Roadway Inn on Grand Avenue that the parade route passes RIGHT BY!

It's going to be an epic party even if it's not exactly the way we originally planned. We got this


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